The Barn

The large barn was used as a home for cows, horses and donkeys and to store enough hay to feed the livestock over the winter. It has thick stone walls that used to provide insulation in the cold winters.

The barn underwent a complete conversion, while keeping the same shape and many of the original elements, like the beautiful wooden beams. The wooden floor is new, but installed in the traditional way - with wooden beams and sand underneath, no cement.

The Loft

This is the main indoor creative space. Great for jam sessions on the cold winter nights, where you get to really appreciate the wood fire.

There is a private sleeping space upstairs but also a comfy sofa.

Another nice feature is the big window overlooking the forested hills. The original rice straw-filled tatami in front of it can be used as a relaxation space, but also for sleeping.

The Studio

Part of the barn became a room on its own. The main feature of this room is the beautiful wooden wall, which is the original wall that used to separate two parts of the barn, the one housing cows and the one housing donkeys. Instead of being decorated with manure, it is now full of contemporary art.